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File Manager For iPhone & iPad

The iPhone File Manager is the kind of app that you can use to access a multitude of file formats from your iPhone in addition to creating digital backup copies via cloud-based services.

This is a generic app which serves its purpose fairly well, thanks to its user friendly interface design and attractive overall presentation. Files are presented in folders with a thumbnail standing out beside the information. With cloud support, an integrated PDF reader, and more, File Manager offers a very reasonable level of functionality.

When you open this app you’ll see a pretty intuitive interface: the various navigation folders are listed down the left-hand side and the available files are displayed in the window on the right. This type of navigation environment will be very familiar if you’ve used Windows for any length of time.

The folders are not populated automatically and it’s up to you to add items into them although it’s not very difficult. The app also includes a list of recently viewed files, as well as a favorites file to make finding the files you use the most that much easier. The best thing about this app is that it can open just about any type of common file type you might want to access. It’s got all the tools you’d expect in a file manager.

File Manager Accessibility

Everything is easily accessible from a simple menu and if you have any questions there’s a comprehensive help section that will guide you. There are some ads included in the app, but these are restricted to a small little window in the bottom left corner that you hardly notice at all. This app will require 53.6 MB of available space on your iOS device.

Bluetooth Transfer

Bluetooth file transferThis is a great feature that not only allows you to share files but also chat with friends who are within the Bluetooth range without incurring any expenses.
Once a friend sends you a contact, you can directly save it in your contact list in seconds. More importantly, you can send multiple contacts from your phone book to unlimited number of friends in just one or two clicks.

The files are made available to the recipient almost immediately. This is because it has some special built-in features that allow it to send the documents at rocket speed. Note that outdoor weather conditions such as mist or heavy rain will not affect the manner in which the documents are sent.
This app acts as a sort of window to your iOS device. When you open the app by default you’ll be in the file sharing directory which allows you to access any file stored locally on your device.

Where this app really shines is in how it allows you to access files that are not on your device and lets you use them as if they were. You can access files via cloud storage services such as drop box, box, Google Drive, One Drive, and WebDav. You can also manage your audio files from within the app and you can even use the app as a player.

PDF and Document Reader

PDF and Document Reader is about giving you the ability to read and annotate your various documents. It supports PowerPoint, Word, and PDF documents, which are of course the most popular ones. In order to access your files you can get them from email, Box, iCloud Drive (read more), Dropbox, and other options. You can even import content straight from a webpage if you want.

Being able to make annotations in the text is a big thing for many people. Thanks to this app you can make notes, make excerpts, comments, add images, and even highlight text. As an added feature when you make your notes or comments you can do so on more than one selection all at the same time. When you are working with excerpts you can pull them out of the text and then organize all the sections you’ve pulled out. If you ever want to find where the excerpt came from just tap on it, this will also show you the comments.

Content can be exported as RTF or PDF, you can send them to cloud storage, or by an email. You can send the full document or highlighted sections only, notes only, etc.

File Manager Folder Plus offers a plethora of features that include multi-touch file and folder management, file reader, file editor, and seamless file transfer to different devices and web services.

It allows you to read and view your documents with added capabilities for editing texts, audio recording, and playing videos. Most importantly, this app gives you a multi-touch experience for more convenient file management.

File Manager Folder Plus can be used in a variety of ways: organize files and folders in your device, transfer files to other devices and cloud servers, view and edit files, record audio, print files, translate documents, and many more.

To manage files, the app offers simple organization tools so you can keep all your documents, images, videos, and audio recording in one place. The app arranges your files according to name and file type. You can transfer multiple files to new folders simultaneously using tap and swipe actions.

File transfer

This app supports multiple file transfers via USB, FTP, and WiFi. You can select as many files and folders you want and swipe them to the target destination. In a few minutes, all your files will be transferred to another device or to any supported cloud storage.

The app can also be used as a reader and an editor. It can open and view different document formats including audio recordings and videos. It offers built-in text editor, a media player, and image viewer with drawing tools.

This app supports almost all types of files including PDF, Office, iWork, images, HTML, archives, plain text, and popular audio and video formats. It can open, view, and edit these files easily.

Folder Plus supports multi-tasking features that include file and folder creation, renaming, and in-app file transfer. It can be integrated with different cloud services such as One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud. The app offers built-in archive tool to compress large file formats. You can also print any document directly from the app via AirPrint.

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